Adult High School

It’s never too late to earn your high school diploma. This flexible, self-paced program allows you to take courses and earn credits during the day or at night. Upon successful completion, you will receive an official OCPS High School Diploma. Thousands of students have earned diplomas this way. You can too!

Adult High SchoolThe Adult High School Credit program is a course of study leading to the completion of credits and passing of state mandated assessments (FCAT and end of course exams) necessary to qualify for a high school diploma. Except as provided elsewhere by law the graduation standards for adult shall be the same as those for secondary students.

To obtain a regular adult education diploma, a student must earn twenty-four credits, successfully complete the FCAT or earn passing concordant scores on the SAT or ACT, pass end of course exams as appropriate, and maintain a GPA in accordance with State of Florida guidelines.

Requirements for an Adult High School Diploma:

  • Language Arts - 4 Credits
  • Mathematics - 4 Credits
  • Social Studies - 3 Credits
  • Science - 3 Credits
  • Electives - 10 Credits
  • TOTAL: 24 Credits