Career Pathways

A career pathway is a coherent, articulated sequence of rigorous academic and career/technical courses, commencing in middle school and leading to an industry certification or licensure, associate degree, or baccalaureate degree.  Students can begin their career journey by exploring careers that are critical to 21st century learners.

Career pathways are based on these guiding principles: Career Pathways

  • Students prepare for higher education and careers
  • Integration of academic skills with authentic and demanding career and technical curriculum
  • Broad career themes engage students regardless of prior achievement and/or postsecondary goals

Career pathways curriculum is designed to produce high levels of student achievement in measurable ways:

  • academic and technical scores
  • creative thinking innovation
  • critical thinking, problem solving
  • high school completion
  • postsecondary transitions to career and education
  • attainment of a formal postsecondary credential