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OTC Apprenticeship Team Visits State Capital
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I have lost count of the number of folks who have asked me when I am planning on retiring-if I was easily offended, I might be insulted by the question being asked so often-LOL!

I know part of the reason they ask is because I joke about it all the time, and part-probably the more important part-is because we are about to undertake the most extensive transformation of CTE in our 85 year history, and they want to know if I am going to jump ship now that we are getting into the nitty gritty.

Six years ago, I came to the position of Senior Executive Director for CTE with the intention of staying four years and finishing out my 30 year career with OCPS in the summer of 2017. Having been in several positions throughout those first 26 years, anywhere from 3 to 7 years, I knew that we could accomplish a lot in those four planned years-and boy did we-and then we went on to accomplish even more these past two years.

All of this progress has led us to where we are today, and to the real beginning of 'Vision 2022'. On a recent Tuesday night, the school board approved the architect for our new Orange Technical College - Westside Campus! In other words, it's real now.

Over the past couple years, I realized that it wouldn't be 2022 when we finished this transformation, which was the initial projection I received five years ago. So I have been asking myself for a long time now, do I stay or do I go? Do I let someone else see this through from beginning to end?

We are currently projected to finish the OTC - Westside Campus in 2022, the Orlando and Winter Park Campuses in 2023, and the Mid Florida Campus in 2024. That is a long way beyond my initial plan of 2017! Seven years beyond when I thought I would be retiring and five years from now. It has been a long thought process in my mind, trading off this for that and doing all the "what if's", but in the end, the answer was always right there for me.

It is my goal to see this through, and to stay until the last building is up and done in 2024-anything beyond that will be a decision for another time. There are many reasons that I have come to this conclusion. I love what I do and who I get to work with, both inside and outside of our organization. I also love what we do for students, and ultimately, what we do together for our community.

Internally, I believe that the reason I got to build Ocoee High School, and rebuild University High School, was actually preparation for this rebirth of OTC, and that there are very few out there who have had that experience and who have navigated a large staff through those waters. I also believe that the last thing we need as we enter these next five years of planned "chaos" is instability in the Associate Superintendent position caused by me.

That being said, there are never any guarantees. There are a myriad of things out of my control, but should all go well and nothing crazy happen, I am committed to see this through as we continue to improve and build our way to being the best in the nation at Changing lives Through Education.

Thank you for being a part of the CTE family and have a great CTE Month! Mike.

Dr. Michael Armbruster 
Associate Superintendent
Career & Technical Education
Orange County Public Schools
WFTV Channel 9: Construction Boom Gives Apprenticeship Students Hands-on Experience

Big THANKS to Jamie Holmes of WFTV Channel 9 and Orange Technical College Alumni, Noble Thomas of Bright Future Electric LLC, for giving us the chance to feature the amazing work being done downtown by former F.E.A.T. (Florida Electrical Apprenticeship Training) students! Many great career opportunities for students right here in town! WATCH STORY
CTE in the Community
Florida Council of 100 Members Visit Orange Technical College

We were honored for the visit last week from the Florida Council of 100! The mission of the FC100 is to improve the quality of life and economic well-being of all Floridians through the relentless pursuit of better, business-driven public policy.Representing more than 100 companies and more than half a million employees, council members have achieved a high degree of success and recognition in their business or profession and have demonstrated involvement in Florida public policy issues. 
OTC Hosts 'Tech Tours' For Adult General Education Students

Orange Technical College adult general education and ESOL students (from every campus) had the chance to tour the OTC campuses recently! These students are studying full-time to better their careers through academic courses, but also have an interest in career certificate programs at the school. We encourage this interest and provide a full day tour for these students each year. Students can explore campuses outside of their own, speak with instructors and students and most importantly, find a career field they can participate in after completing their academic courses. Read more
Team OTC Cleans Up at SkillsUSA Florida State Championships

 Team OTC wrapped an amazing couple days recently at state SkillsUSA competitions in Pensacola, FL. Orange Technical College brought home a total of 102 medals with 57 of them being gold - the most of any institution in the state! In fact, the second highest medal winner had considerably less than half of what our students were awarded! We couldn't be more proud of our students and our staff members who gave up 4 days of normal life to ensure our students had this opportunity! This is why CTE is the place to be! Read more.
OTC Blog: District Students Compete in OTC Hackathon 'Capture the Flag' Challenge

Recently, student participants from across Orange County gathered at the Launch Site at Orange Technical College to compete against former allies, friends, and classmates in a real-world cybersecurity challenge with only one team capable enough to capture the flag. "This is the future of cyber analysts," said Joyce Wren, CSM Enablement Manager for Splunk.
For Students. Not Profit.
BYF: 3 Reasons to Choose Career and Technical Education

The amount of student debt owed almost equals the amount of actual currency in circulation in the U.S. - approximately $1.7 trillion as of December 2018Why is student debt so high? One reason is the push toward getting a four-year university degree. Read more
EducationDive: More Employers Turning to Apprenticeships

Employers are finding success with modern apprenticeships, according to a new report from Institute for WorkPlace Skills & Innovation America (IWSI).
With U.S. employers reporting challenges finding skilled workers, many are adopting programs that combine classroom learning and on-the-job training. Read more.
OTC Blog: How CTE Training Can Help Shape Your Future

 The workforce is changing. One of the most significant ways that it's changing is in the amount of education needed to get into a particular field or career. Between 1980 and 2015, the number of people working in careers that required "average to above average" education nearly doubled, from 49 million to 83 million. Read more
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