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A Message from Superintendent Barbara Jenkins

Our faith-based community is an extremely important part of Orange County Public School’s efforts at cultivating sustained community engagement. Our missions to better our community dovetail when churches, synagogues, mosques, and all faith-based organizations harness the power of volunteerism and servant leadership to benefit the region’s youth in schools. 
I encourage your organization to "Adopt-a-School" and applaud those who have been on this journey with us. Together we are stronger, and together we can exponentially increase the effects of our good works.


Barbara M. Jenkins

Faith-based “Adopt-A-School” Initiative

For decades, faith-based organizations have been partnering with schools throughout Orange County. This year, Orange County Public Schools is expanding its outreach to faith- and community-based organizations to partner with public education.

In order to be the top producers of successful students in the nation; we have to be focused, determined and committed to providing our youth with as many resources as possible. Through the Partners in Education program, adopting-a-school is a great vehicle for connecting with a school in your local community. Join us in promoting four basic messages to maximize student success by creating healthy conditions at school and in the home – good character, stay-in-school, say no to drugs or alcohol and stop all bullying. Relationships can be developed with students through a combination of activities such as:
  • School-based Mentoring cultivates trusting relationships between adult role models and students, developing pro-social skills in students and a sense of belonging among their peers, families, and communities.
  • Life Skills Education addresses anger management, school dropout and substance abuse issues in a school setting.
  • After School & Summer Programs provide enrichment activities for students, such as basketball leagues, robotic clinics, computer labs, etc...
Have an idea of how your faith-based organization can support schools? Let us know!

"Adopt-a-School” is simple! Contact the Community Outreach office for more details at 407.317.3323.

Faith-Based Partners in Education Informational Flyer (PDF)

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Select a school of your choice. 
  2. Contact the school's Partners in Education Coordinator to discuss partnering opportunities.
  3. Both faith-based organization and school should plan at least three activities per year.

Partnerships in Action

Discovery Church Puts Partnerships into Action

Partner School: Winegard Elementary
Over the years the benefits of the generosity extended by Discovery Church volunteers are evident throughout campus and in the home life of students. Volunteers from Discovery Church have embraced our school and given unwavering financial, emotional, and academic support. Each school year begins with a Discovery Church welcome back breakfast for new and returning faculty and staff. They inform the staff of their commitment and share all the outreach programs they offer.

 Discovery Church stocking closet       
The impact of Discovery Church’s desire to inspire has nurtured goodwill, collaboration between school, and home and has created a learning community united in purpose. That purpose is to empower and uplift our youth to be confident, compassionate, leaders of tomorrow. Leaders who have who have the academic knowledge and moral character it takes to give our future the best opportunity to be successful!

Islamic Society of Central Florida Delivers to OCPS Schools

The Islamic Society of Central Florida delivered several boxes to 5 Title I Orange County Public School sites. The items included various school supplies and food pantry items. Many of our students come to school without the supplies needed and having a closet at the school sites can fulfill many of those needs. Everything from book bags to pencils.  Many schools also have food pantries where students and families can get shelf stable products to help them provide enough to eat at home.

  Islamic Society of Central Florida delivering items to school     Islamic Society of Central Florida delivering items to school

Math Bee Competition Grows Exponentially!

Students from 25 Orange County elementary schools have had the opportunity to participate in National Math Bees to showcase their skills and push them to reach their highest potential.

The National Math Bee is a math tournament where students from first through sixth grade compete in a real world interactive competition. The program is a fun and exciting way to help students achieve extraordinary levels of speed and accuracy with their math skills.

Dr. Ruth McKeefery and the Educational IMPACT program at St. Luke’s Methodist have launched this competition at their partner schools, creating new opportunities for students to shine. 

2018 Mathbee Winners  
2018 winners! 

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Educational IMPACT Program

Partner Schools: Mollie Ray and Pineloch Elementary

For several years, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church has been making a tremendous difference in the lives of students at Mollie Ray and Pineloch Elementary schools. Through the church’s outreach, they established a program called “Educational IMPACT,” which works with selected public schools to provide services that will make a difference in the educational programs of the school. Education IMPACT works closely with the school Principal and designated staff to determine how the program can meet the needs of each school. Each school served has a Faith-Based Coordinating Team of four to eight members from St. Luke’s and two staff members from the school, whose responsibilities are to coordinate, promote, recruit and train volunteers, and monitor and evaluate the St. Luke’s IMPACT program at that school.

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church’s Educational IMPACT Program has helped Pineloch Elementary and Mollie Ray students improve their achievement in reading and math, with a very large and still-growing cadre of volunteers. In addition to having volunteers in the classroom they host other activities, such as the school’s annual Spring Carnival, or Field Day making sure each student has a day of fun. The church donates books, school supplies, clothing, computers and other electronics. St. Luke’s Educational IMPACT has made a huge impact on the academic and social life of Pineloch and Mollie Ray’s students, teachers and families.

Church and school leaders (pastor and designated church coordinator & school principal) are the key components for making this program a success. It is true, that when your leaders speak, members listen. To learn more, please contact St. Luke's Educational IMPACT representative Dr. Ruth McKeefery at (407) 876-4991 ext. *226 or by email at [email protected]