School Board Policies

The policies of The School Board of Orange County, Florida are organized in accordance with the codification and dissemination system known as the National Education Policy Network (“NEPN”) policy classification system established by the National School Boards Association. This system provides an efficient means of organizing, coding, filing, and finding policies based on overall classifications and sub-categories. There are twelve (12) major classifications, each assigned an alphabetical code. Each classification has its own family of categories – codes that are accompanied by descriptor terms and suggested titles for policies.

Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments

Section A of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing the District's legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying School Board governance. These policies provide a setting for all of the School Board's other policies.

ADC Tobacco Free Schools and Facilities October 27, 2020
ADD Safe Schools August 11, 2020


Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section B of the NEPN classification system is a repository for statements governing the School Board - how it is elected, organized, and how it conducts its meetings and operates.

B School Board Governance April 12, 2022
BA School District Operational Goals November 17, 2008
BDC Board Officers April 12, 2022
BDD BDD Board Superintendent Relations November 17, 2008
BDF BDF Unitary Status Advisory and Oversight Committee December 10, 2013
BDG BDG School Attorney Legal Services October 11, 2016
BE School Board Meetings April 12, 2022
BEC Executive Sessions and Closed Sessions April 12, 2022
BEDH Public Input at School Board Meetings April 12, 2022
BG BG Board Policy School Board Policy Process November 17, 2008
BGC BGC Review of Policies October 12, 1993


Section C: School Board Administration

Section C of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing the District’s state and federal programs administration.

CDG State and Federal Programs Administration October 9, 2012
CI Temporary Administrative Arrangements November 17, 2008


Section D: Fiscal Management

Section D of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing school finances and the management of funds. (Note that policies on the financing of school construction and renovation are filed in Section F - Facilities Planning and Development.)

DB Annual Budget March 14, 2017 
DD Funding Proposals and Applications November 17, 2008 
DDA Grants From Private Sources November 17, 2008 
DF Revenues From Nontax Sources March 14, 2017 
DFAA Use of Surplus Funds
June 14, 2022
DFBB Debt Management March 14, 2017 
DGA Authorized Signatures March 14, 2017 
DH Bonded Employees and Officers March 14, 2017 
DIA Accounting System Prompt Payment November 17, 2008 
DIB  Types of Funds December 14, 2010 
DIC Financial Reports and Statements November 17, 2008 
DID Inventories and Property Records February 23, 2016 
DIE Audits and Financial Monitoring
June 14, 2022
DJA  Purchasing Authority June 23, 2015 
DJB Purchasing Procedures June 23, 2015 
DJE  Bidding Procedures June 23, 2015 
DJFA  Minority and Women Business Enterprise Assistance June 23, 2015 
DJFB  Local Developing Business Program June 23, 2015 
DJFC  Veteran Business Enterprise Program June 23, 2015 
DJFD  Local Preference Criteria for Vendors June 23, 2015 
DJG  Vendor Relations June 23, 2015 
DJGA  Public Sales Calls and Demonstrations June 23, 2015 
DKA  Payroll Procedures March 14, 2017 
DKB  Salary Deductions March 14, 2017 
DKC  Reimbursement of Expenses September 10, 2013 
DN  Properties Disposal and Disposition June 23, 2015


Section E: Support Services

Section E of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing non-instructional services and programs, particularly those on operational and business management topics such as safety, building and grounds management, office services, transportation, and food services.

EBA Buildings and Grounds Inspections November 23, 1993
EBAA Warning Systems October 10, 2017
EBB Accident Prevention and Safety Program
June 14, 2022
EBBA Disease Prevention; Face Coverings July 13, 2021
EBC Emergencies August 6, 2019
EBCA Disaster Plans October 10, 2017
EBCC Bomb Threats October 10, 2017
EBCE Emergency Closings October 10, 2017
EC Building Grounds Property Management October 12, 1993
ECA Building and Grounds Security November 17, 2008
ECAB Key Control November 17, 2008 
ECAC Vandalism November 17, 2008
ECB Building and Grounds Maintenance November 17, 2008 
ECE Traffic and Parking Procedures June 26, 2018 
ECF Energy Conservation March 14, 2017
ECG District Police June 26, 2018
EDB Maintenance and Control of Materials and Equipment June11, 2019
EDC Authorized Use of School Equipment and Materials October 9, 2018
EE Transportation November 17, 2008
EEAC Bus scheduling and Routing November 17, 2008
EEAE Bus Safety November 17, 2008
EEAEA Bus Operator Requirements Training and Responsibilities November 17, 2008
EEAEB Bus Purchasing and Maintenance November 17, 2008
EEAF Special Use of Buses May 24, 1996
EEAG Student Transportation In Private Vehicles January 17, 2012
EF Food Service Management November 7, 2017
EFAB Food Allergies June 26, 2018
EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services November 7, 2017
EFCA  Universal Breakfast Programs August 10, 2010
EFH  Food Sanitation Program November 7, 2017 
EGAA  Data Center Access March 14, 2017 
EGAB  Duplication of Copyrighted Materials May 10, 2016 
EDAE  Mail, Courier, and Delivery Services May 10, 2016 
EH  Forms Management May 10, 2016 
EHB  Data and Records Retention May 10, 2016 
EHBA  Records Management (Public Records) May 10, 2016 
EI Insurance Management November 17, 2008


Section F: Facilities Planning and Development

Section F of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation; it also includes the topics of temporary facilities and school closings.

FA Educational Plant Survey October 10, 2017
FB Facilities Coordination of Planning With Local Governing Bodies November 17, 2008 
FBA Planning Advisors October 25, 2011
FE Facilities Construction November 17, 2008
FEA Educational Adequacy and Construction Specifications for New and Renovated Facilities November 17, 2008 
FED Construction Plans and Specifications November 17, 2008
FEDA Site Plans and Specifications May 8, 2018
FEE Site Acquisition October 10, 2017
FEG Construction Contract Bidding and Awards November 17, 2008 
FF Naming School Facilities April 10, 2018
FG Board Inspection and Acceptance of New Facilities October 12, 1993


Section G: Personnel

Section G of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing school employees. The category is divided into three (3) main divisions: policies starting with “GB” have policies applying to all school employees or general personnel matters; policies starting with “GC” refer to instructional and administrative staff; and policies starting with “GD” refer to support or classified staff.

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment April 10, 2018
GBAC Veterans Preference Policy September 27, 2016
GBB Staff Involvement In Decision Making October 11, 2016
GBEB Staff Conduct October 9, 2018
GBEC Drug-Free Workplace September 27, 2016
GBG Staff Welfare and Protection September 27, 2016
GBGA Staff Health and Safety September 27, 2016
GBGC Employee Assistance Program September 27, 2016
GBI Political Activities of Staff April 10, 2018
GBJ  Personnel Records October 11, 2016 
GBK Staff Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances October 11, 2016
GC Professional Staff February 9, 2016
GCAA Instructional Staff February 9, 2016
GCB Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation February 9, 2016
GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules (Instructional Staff) May 10, 2016
GBCAB Critical Teacher Shortages April 14, 2020
GCBB Professional Staff Salary Schedules (Administrative Staff) May 10, 2016
GCBD Employee Fringe Benefits May 10, 2016
GCC Professional Staff Leaves and Absences June 26, 2018
GCCAB Instructional Staff Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave June 23, 2020
GCCBB Administrative Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave June 23, 2020
GCD Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays October 11, 2016
GCE Professional Staff Recruiting February 9, 2016
GCG Substitutes (Professional and Support Staff) May 10, 2016
GCH Professional Staff Orientation and Training February 9, 2016
GCK Professional Staff Assignment and Transfers February 9, 2016
GCL Professional Staff Schedules and Calendars February 9, 2016
GCO Evaluation of Professional Staff February 9, 2016
GCQC Resignation of Professional Staff February 9, 2016
GCQF Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff December 14, 2021
GCRD Private Instruction, Tutoring, and Coaching for Pay May 10, 2016
GCS Professional Research and Publishing May 10, 2016
GD Support Staff September 27, 2016
GDBA Support Staff Salary Schedules (Classified) May 10, 2016 
GDBC Support Staff Supplementary Pay Overtime (Classified) May 10, 2016 
GDC Support Staff Leaves and Absences June 26, 2018
GDCB Support Staff Personal Emergency Legal Religious Leave (Classified) June 23, 2020
GDD Support Staff Vacations and Holidays October 11, 2016 
GDK Support Staff Time Schedules September 27, 2016
GDMB  Support Staff Training September 27, 2016 
GDO  Evaluation of Support Staff September 27, 2016 
GDQA  Reduction in Support Staff Work Force October 11, 2016 
GDQB  Resignation of Support Staff Members October 11, 2016  
GDQD  Suspension and Dismissal of Support Staff December 14, 2021 


Section H: Negotiations

Section H of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing the process of negotiating with staff units recognized by the School Board.

HN Negotiated Agreement Implementation August 22, 2017


Section I: Instruction

Section I of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing the instructional program: basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

IA Student Progression Plan 2021-2022 December 14, 2021
IC School Year November 17, 2008
ICA School Calendar November 17, 2008
ID School Day November 17, 2008
IHA IHA Basic Instructional Program September 29, 2015
IHAE Physical Education November 17, 2008
IHAI Occupational Education November 17, 2008
IHAM Local School Wellness December 14, 2021
IHAMA Teaching About Drugs Alcohol and Tobacco November 7, 2017
IHAR Digital Learning September 29, 2015 
IHBA Programs for Disabled Students November 17, 2008
IHBC Programs for Disadvantaged Students August 6, 2019
IHBEB Primary Home Language Survey November 7, 2017
IHBG Home Education and Home Instruction November 7, 2017
IHBH Alternative Education School Programs June 11, 2019
IHCA Summer Instructional Programs November 17, 2008
IHD Adult Education November 17, 2008
IHDD Community Education November 17, 2008
IJ Instructional Resources and Materials November 7, 2017
IJL Library Materials Selection and Adoption September 29, 2015
IJOA School Trips and Excursions June 26, 2018
IJOB Speakers August 22, 2017
IJOC School Volunteers August 22, 2017
IK Academic Achievement September 26, 2017
IKA Grading Systems November 17, 2008
IKAA Final Examination November 17, 2008
IKB Homework September 29, 2015
IKFB Graduation Exercises June 23, 2020
ILB Standardized Test Administration November 7, 2017
IMB Teaching About Controversial Issues August 22, 2017
IMDA Pledge of Allegiance October 13, 2015
IMDB Flag Displays September 25, 2018
IME Assemblies November 13, 2018
IMG Animals on School Property April 10, 2018


Section J: Students

Section J of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing students on topics such as admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities.

JB Equal Educational Opportunities August 11, 2020
JC School Attendance Areas August 6, 2019
JCA Assignment of Students to School
June 14, 2022
JE Student Attendance February 23, 2016
JF School Admissions August 6, 2019
JFAB Admission of Non-Florida Resident Students February 23, 2016
JFABB Foreign Exchange Students July 28, 2015
JFABC International Student Admission July 28, 2015
JFBD Magnet School Programs
June 14, 2022
JFC Withdrawal From School September 29, 2015 
JIB Student Involvement in Decision Making September 26, 2017
JIC JIC Code of Student Conduct
June 14, 2022
JICE Student Publications September 26, 2017
JICF Secret Societies September 26, 2017
JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students July 28, 2009
JICI Firearms, Weapons, and Destructive Devices June 14, 2022 
JICK Threats
June 14, 2022
JIH Student Interrogations Searches and Arrests November 17, 2008
JJ Extracurricular Activities
June 14, 2022
JJA Student Organizations November 17, 2008
JJB Social Events Students July 14, 2009
JJC Student Performances October 12, 1993
JJE Student Fundraising Activities June 26, 2012
JJI Interscholastic Athletics November 17, 2008
JLC Student Health Services and Requirements November 17, 2008
JLCD Medicines Administering Medicines to Students September 25, 2018
JLCE First Aid and Emergency Medical Care November 17, 2008
JLD Guidance and Counseling May 23, 2017
JLF Reporting Child Abuse and Child Protection
June 14, 2022
JLI Student Safety May 23, 2017
JLIB  Dismissal Precautions May 23, 2017
JLIE  Student Automobile Use
June 14, 2022
JN  Student Volunteers for School and Community Service September 26, 2017
JRA Student Records June 11, 2019 
JRD Photographs of Students November 17, 2008 


Section K: School, Community, and Home Relations

Section K of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing parent/legal guardian and community involvement in schools.

KB Parent Involvement In Education January 17, 2012
KBBA Custody Rights and Responsibilities June 14, 2022
KCE Ethics and Lobbying Policy June 26, 2012
KDA  Public Information Program October 12, 1993
KEC Concerns About Instructional Resources November 17, 2008 
KF Public Use of School Board Facilities June 11, 2019
KFA Public Conduct on School Property October 12, 1993
KHB Advertising in Schools September 26, 2017
KHC Distribution-Posting of Promotional Materials February 10, 2015
KI Visitors to the School November 17, 2008
KJ Community Organizations October 12, 1993


Section L: Education and Agency Relations

Section L of the NEPN classification system contains policies governing the District's relationship with other education agencies -- including other school systems, regional or service districts, private schools, colleges and universities, education research organizations, and state and national education agencies.

LI Relations with Accreditation Agencies October 12, 1993