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The mission of the Health Unit Coordinator / Monitor Technician program is to prepare students to work in a health care facility to perform skills related to direct and indirect patient care.


The first part of the Health Unit Coordinator / Monitor Technician program prepares the student for employment as a Health Unit Coordinator (HUC). Including performing indirect patient care tasks related to maintaining, managing and coordinating the patient electronic medical records and paper chart. Health Unit Coordinators manage all indirect patient care tasks on hospital nursing units, making them essential members of the health care team. Responsibilities include monitoring electronic medical records. The students will work with one of the leading-edge health information technology systems, CERNER, chosen worldwide in preparation of the global move in health care. Transcribing physicians’ orders, for patient treatment, preparing patient medical records for admission, transfer, surgery and discharge, maintaining statistical reports, dealing with nurses, doctors, visitors and other ancillary departments. The second part of the program Monitor Technicians (MT), also known as cardiac monitor technicians observe and interpret patients’ heart rhythms in the hospital setting. This course will provide the student with knowledge of the workings of the cardiovascular system as well as the ability to detect normal sinus rhythms and deviations from normal sinus rhythms (dysrhythmias). Providing an overview of interpretation of monitoring and testing results. Training includes Interpersonal skills, medical terms, abbreviations and symbols, legal and ethical responsibilities, safe and efficient work practices, safety and security of computers, and employability skills. Supervised clinical learning experiences are an integral part of the program for both HUC and MT.

Occupational Completion Points (OCPs)

The Health Unit Coordinator / Monitor Technician program is a planned sequence of instruction consisting of three Occupational Completion Points. OCPs provide a student with early completion training options linked to employment opportunities established by the Florida Department of Education based on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system and accepted industry titles.

Academic Skill Level Required to Complete the Program

Grade 9 math, 10 language and 10 reading.

H170107 OCP Postsecondary Program of Study 630 Hrs
HSC0003 A* Basic Healthcare Worker 90
HIM0076 B Health Unit Clerk 410
HIM0090 C Monitor Technician 130
* OCP A, Basic Healthcare Worker, is the foundation of the majority of health-related programs of study. If the student has high school credit for Health Science I and Health Science 2 or an applicant can demonstrate the skills in those courses through a written and performance test for OCP A, the student may start with OCP B, Health Unit Clerk.

Program Overview

Program Overview

Industry Certification/Licensure

After successfully completing the Health Unit Coordinator / Monitor Technician program, students are eligible to take the Certified Health Unit Coordinator (CHUC) examination administered by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC).

  • Certified Health Unit Coordinator (CHUC), National Association of Health Unit Coordinators (NAHUC)
National Association of Health Unit Coordinators


Program Cost

  • $2,526.98
Tuition and Fees


Start Date

August 10, 2020*
* Based on program availability

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