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The GED® program prepares students for academic and personal success through attaining the required skills to pass the official GED® test and be awarded a State of Florida High School Diploma. This program is non-graded and characterized by self-paced instruction and performance-based evaluation. While some students may have dropped out of school, others may have faced certain hardships that prevented them from completing high school. Whatever the reason for not completing high school, most students discover that a high school diploma is essential for obtaining a long-term career. Classroom activities are an integral part of this program.
Placement into this program is based on results of the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) test. It is required that a student be functioning at the equivalent of 9th grade and above to be enrolled in this course. The GED® test is used to measure the academic knowledge acquired by persons who have not completed a high school curriculum.
GED® instruction is coursework in four subject areas at Educational Functioning Levels (EFL) 5 through 6. Based on a student's CASAS results the student may be enrolled in one or more of the following courses of study: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematical Reasoning. Successful completion of a course of study is determined by the official GED® Examination. To successfully complete the program, students must take and pass all subject areas on the Official GED® Examination with a minimum score of 145 on each test.

GED Preparation Classes


EFL Levels

TABE 11 & 12



ABE Level 5



ABE Level 6




ABE Level 5



ABE Level 6



Language Arts

ABE Level 5



ABE Level 6




Among the many benefits of GED® preparation, passing the GED® test provides an opportunity for adults to continue their education. The GED® test will also provide information about a test-taker's readiness for careers and college. The intended use of the GED® credential is similar to that of a high school diploma ─ to qualify for jobs and job promotions, to enable further education and training, and to enhance an adult’s personal satisfaction.

Program of Study

GED Preparation: GED Preparation is designed to prepare students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the official GED® test series and be awarded a State of Florida High School Diploma, and to be better prepared for continued education and training. The 2014 GED® consists of four content areas: Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematical Reasoning. 

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