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The mission of this program is to provide an atmosphere of unified learning and skills development, through classroom instruction and “on-the-job” experience, assuring a lifelong earning opportunity to a diverse community.

Earn while learning new skills through real work experience. Registered apprenticeship programs combine paid employment with no cost training. Completing each year of training elevates an apprentice's hourly pay rate and their status within the skilled trade community. Upon completing the full registered apprenticeship program, an apprentice becomes a Journeyman and is considered at the very top of the industry. Apprentices enrolled at public institutions are exempt from paying fees including application, registration, tuition and lab fees. A written agreement between the apprentice and employer ensures the apprentice becomes skilled in the occupation.

Unlike other career training programs offered at the Orange Technical College campuses, apprentices are selected to participate by employers/sponsors based on criteria specifically defined in standards of registered apprenticeship programs approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and Florida Department of Education.

How to Become an Apprentice

Check with the admissions office at any Orange Technical College campuses. Potential candidates must apply for registered apprentice positions. Admission requirements and eligibility vary by program because program sponsors define them according to their specific training needs and the availability of employment opportunities. However, federal law defines minimum requirements and mandates that selection criteria be job related.

Certifications earned through registered apprenticeship programs are recognized nationwide. Apprentices who complete registered apprenticeship programs are accepted by the industry as journeymen.

Basic Skills Exam

All Students registered in apprenticeship programs are exempt from taking the basic skills exam.

Employer-Sponsored Apprenticeship

Select employers provide apprenticeship programs registered with and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor and Florida Department of Education to their employees. The following independent (or employer-sponsored) apprenticeship programs are not accredited through the Council on Occupational Education. Employer-sponsored apprenticeship programs include:

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Technology (3-year program)
  • Applied Welding Technologies (3-year program)
  • Brick and Block Masonry (3-year program)
  • Building Maintenance (2-year program)
  • Carpentry (4-year program)
  • Child Care (2-year program)
  • Electrician (4-year program)
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems (5-year program)
  • Industrial Pipefitter (5-year program)
  • Mechanical Apprenticeship (4-year program)
  • Medical Assisting (1-year program)
  • Plumbing (4-year program)

Apprenticeship Program Information
Apprenticeship Sponsor Website  Email Contact SC MC WC EC
A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Technology ACCA  [email protected] 407-905-2030        
A/C, Refrigeration & Heating Technology OPP JATC   407-851-7370        
Brick and Block Masonry MAF     407-251-6050        
Carpentry iBuild  [email protected] 407-905-2039        
Central Florida Building Maintenance CFBMA     407-905-2003        
Child Care CFCCEAP / GNJ   [email protected]
407-251-6000 ext.7022652        
Electrician FEAT   407-438-3328        
Fire Sprinkler System Technology FSF JATC   1-800-577-0821         
Industrial Pipefitter OPP JATC   407-851-7370        
Mechanical Apprenticeship CFM JATC   407-438-3211        
Medical Assisting OTC     407-246-7060        
Plumbing Technology OPP JATC   407-851-7370        
Plumbing Technology PIPE    [email protected] 407-905-2009        
SC = South Campus  MC = Main Campus  WC = West Campus  EC =East Campus

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