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Dear OCPS Career & Technical Education Student,

To access your form, please login to your Student Portal account using the following link. Once you are logged on to the Student Portal to view your 1098-T, click on "My Finances" then "View 1098-T". Now you are able to view the form online or print it to take to a tax professional and keep for your records. Below are instructions and contact numbers if you need assistance.

Thank you,

Business Office

1098-T and Student Portal Account Assistance Phone Numbers:

South Campus

407-251-6137 Roslynn Carson  - [email protected]
407-251-6129 Amy Schwarz - [email protected]
407-251-6192 Ileana Rivera Burgos  - [email protected]
407-251-6166 Hilaire Labardy - [email protected]
407-251-2636 Mahalia Roberts  - [email protected] 
407-251-6063 Yesenia Domenech - [email protected]
407-251-6000 Halina Wicyniak –
[email protected]
407-251-6105 James Caperton –
[email protected]
407-251-6000 Rodney Denson - [email protected]
407-251-6000 Peter Cook - [email protected]

Main Campus

Ext: 7012100 Britney Nukoles - [email protected]
Ext: 7012101 Anne Nortelus - [email protected]

West Campus

Ext: 7032300 Racha Bawab - [email protected]
Ext: 7032253 Lisa Munyon - [email protected]
Ext: 7032085 Nasundra Brown Glave - [email protected]
Ext: 7032022 Kristina Perez - [email protected]
Ext: 7032076 Brenda Ellis - [email protected]
Ext: 70322266 Jennifer Tacti  - [email protected]

East Campus

Ext: 7042930 Carrion Hernandez, Margarita - [email protected]  
Ext: 7042213 Walker, Berkley K -. [email protected]  
Ext: 7042932 Rodriguez Munoz, Dayanara - [email protected]  
Ext: 7042916 Quiambao, Marixiel - [email protected]  
Ext. 7043916   Rico, Angela M. [email protected]
Ext. 7043916   Hanna, Jackline Badir Shaker [email protected]
Ext. 7042945   Gergis, Maged [email protected]

Avalon Campus

Ext: 7005102 Gerardo Casas - [email protected]
EXT:7005129  Elixandra Cuevas - [email protected]

Existing Student Portal Users:

  1. Existing user names are "firstname.lastname". Common names may have a number at the end. Examples: john.smith12 or maria.gomez5. If you have forgotten your user name or password, first try the recovery options on the Student Portal or you may call the numbers above.

How to Create Your Student Portal Account:

  1. Go to the Student Portal at the following link:
  2. Click "Create a New Account".
  3. Enter your SSN or StudentID, First Name, Last Name and Place of Birth, then click "Next".
  4. Verify that your email address on file is correct by clicking "Yes". If it is not correct, stop and contact your Campus Admissions office to have your email address corrected.
  5. Make a note of the username you are given and enter a password, then retype the password again and click "Submit".
  6. You will now see a screen indicating you should be receiving an email to validate your account. Check your email for an email from [email protected] with a subject line of "OCPS Portal Authentication" and follow the instructions in that email.
    1. If you do not receive an email, contact your home campus for assistance with authentication. Phone numbers are listed above.
  7. Once your Student Portal account is created, go back to the login page and sign in with the username you were given and the password you created. (HINT: your username is typically firstname.lastname)
  8. To view your 1098-T, click on "My Finances" then "View 1098-T". Now you are able to view the form online or print it to take to a tax professional and keep for your records.
  9. A new 1098-T tax statement has been issued for your account.
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