Research, Measurement and Strategy Title
The Research, Measurement and Strategy office facilitates the accurate measurement of student learning, provides targeted research and data analysis support, guides continuous improvement processes, and engages with the community to generate funds for initiatives that align with the district’s strategic plan.

The Departments of Research, Measurement and Strategy 

Accountability fosters continuous improvement by providing guidance to school and district leaders through accountability, accreditation, and school improvement processes.

Assessment leads the development and administration of high-quality K-12 assessments that provide OCPS stakeholders with actionable data to improve student achievement.
Grants assists teachers and administrators in generating external funding that supports district priorities, leading to improved student achievement.

Research supports district decision-making through primary  and partnered research, program evaluation, the calculation of Student Learning Growth (SLG) scores, and support for the state value-added models (VAM).

The Research, Measurement and Strategy office is led by Senior Executive Director Jennifer Sasser. For more information, please contact:

Miriam Patton, Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Contact Information

The Office of Research, Accountability & Grants is led by Jennifer Sasser, Associate Superintendent. 

Research, Measurement and Strategy

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