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Potential is universal; opportunity is not. YOU can help.

The Foundation for Orange County Public Schools is committed to providing our schools and teachers with the resources they need to help each student succeed.

Your gift to the Foundation will give students the opportunity to reach their full potential – and that’s a gift that benefits us all.

On behalf of the Foundation Team and students of Orange County Public Schools, thank you for your consideration!

About Us

Established in 1987, the Foundation for Orange County Public Schools (FOCPS) serves the 8th largest public school system in the nation and supports more than 206,000 students and 202 schools.

The Foundation’s Strategic Plan was successfully refined and expanded to carry the organization through 2025, and the areas in which investments and philanthropic support will be sought – our priorities – were formalized. The Philanthropic Strategic Plan, previous Foundation 18-month strategic plan, and traditional areas for Foundation support are incorporated into this expanded Plan. The task force presented the updated plan to the full Foundation board in March 2020, where it received unanimous approval.

Our philanthropic priorities are:
  • Ensure Learning Readiness: support early childhood education, mental and physical health and wellness, and behavioral improvements
  • Invest in Teachers & Staff: provide professional development, impact and innovation grants, and investments in teacher excellence and retention
  • Accelerate Student Success: focus on literacy, access to STEM, access to arts, and efforts that narrow achievement gaps
  • Promote Success After OCPS: support career and college readiness efforts, scholarships, mentoring and alumni programs
  • Drive Community Collaborations: build meaningful relationships and partnerships with OCPS and the community, including serving as a communication hub
Key Performance Indicators have been identified for tracking and reporting to the Foundation board. Fundraising goals have also been set; incremental annual targets will be determined in the first half of FY2020 to ensure achievement of those goals.

The Foundation’s 24 member board of directors is committed to public education and brings both breadth and depth in knowledge and skills from the business community and education sector. The board confers transparency, accountability and business acumen to the Foundation, which impacts the education programs and initiatives it seeks to support and gives donors confidence in their investments.

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Scott Howat
Chief Communications Officer, OCPS
President, Foundation

[email protected]

Debi Pedraza
Executive Director 
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Pam Carson
Assistant Director, District Foundation
& Community Outreach

407.317.3200 x 2002990
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Michael Hsu
Senior Manager, Finance
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Margaux Pagan
Senior Administrator, Philanthropic Strategy
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Brooke Axtell

Senior Manager, District Foundation
Events & Engagement

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Vaidwattie Jagmohan
Administrator, ADDitions School Volunteers
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Kathleen Wright
Administrator, Partners in Education
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Kimberly McMaster
Program Coordinator
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Carmen M. Mendez
Administrative Specialist
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Jenayia Ford
Administrative Secretary
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Melany Cleves
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Joie Cadle
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