OCPS Criminal History Review Process


When criminal charges appear in someone’s background, the district requires specific documents to clarify the issue(s).

If you’ve answered yes to an OCPS security question on your application you must provide each of the following for every charge that appears in your history:

1. Arrest affidavit* – (available from the records department of the charging law enforcement agency).

2. Final court disposition* - (available from the records department of the clerk of the court for the county in which the charge was levied). Be sure to also include proof that all court ordered probation is completed/terminated.

3. Personal statement – In your own words, tell us what happened so we understand the incident from your perspective. The document must contain the following data:
          A.Date your document.
          B. Identify it as yours by ensuring your name, address, phone number appear at the top.
          C. This document must be signed.

EMAIL ALL THREE ITEMS TO [email protected]

*When records no longer exist, OCPS requires a statement on letterhead from both the arresting agency and clerk of the court confirming this fact. For example, if the police tell you a record no longer exists, you must acquire a letter from them, on their letterhead, stating they do not have a record.