Scope of Representation:

The Office of Legal Services represents the School Board of Orange County, Florida.  We provide advice and counsel to the Members of the School Board, the Superintendent, Executive Leadership, and other persons responsible for the management of academic and administrative units.  The Office of Legal Services does not provide advice to families, individual members of the community, or employees on personal matters.


Description of Services:

The Office of Legal Services provides a wide array of legal services, including the following examples:

  • Represents the School Board in commercial transactions, litigation, and agency proceedings;
  • Advises the School Board and District officials regarding management of legal risks associated with personnel, student, commercial, and other matters;
  • Provides counsel regarding the legal implications of policy and other administrative decisions;
  • Drafts and reviews contracts and other legal documents;
  • Assists with the formulation of policies and operating procedures;
  • Offers and participates in educational programs regarding laws and legal issues affecting public education; and
  • Monitors and communicates proactively with clients regarding legal developments relevant to School Board operations.