Jessica Lunsford Act

Process & Procedure

The Jessica Lunsford Act was enacted on September 1, 2005 in response to the tragic abduction and death of Jessica Lunsford. This law affects a vendor's business operations and employees if they are under contract with Orange County Public Schools.

  • If you already have a badge with another school district in the state of Florida click here for instructions.
  • To renew your current Orange County Public Schools badge click here.  All Vendors must possess a district issued vendor ID number in order to proceed.
  • If you have never applied for a badge with Orange County Public Schools or do not know if you should, follow the instructions below. 

1.  Determine if you need a badge:

Florida statute requires all vendors, contractors and subcontractors of Orange County Public Schools to undergo a FDLE/FBI Level II background screening for any one of the following conditions:

a.  Vendor employees will be on school grounds when students are present

b.  Vendor employees will have direct contact with students

c.  Vendor employees will have access to or control of school funds

If you answered yes to one or more of the above three conditions, go to Step Two below.

If you answered no to all of the above conditions, the Jessica Lunsford Act does not apply; but you may still need to fingerprint under F.S. 1012.465. 

2.  The following exemptions may apply:

  • Non-instructional contractors who are under direct supervision of a school district employee or contractor who has a criminal history check and meets the screening requirements under s.1012.32, s. 1012.465, s. 1012.467, or s.1012.56.  Section 8 (a)1 also states:  “For purposes of this paragraph, the term "direct supervision" means that a school district employee or contractor is physically present with a non-instructional contractor when the contractor has access to a student and the access remains in the school district employee's or the contractor's line of sight.”
  • A law enforcement officer, as defined in s. 943.10, who is assigned or dispatched to school grounds by his or her employer Section 8 (c).
  • An employee or medical director of an ambulance provider, licensed pursuant to chapter 401, who is providing services within the scope of part III of chapter 401 on behalf of such ambulance provider. Section 8 (d).
  • Non-instructional contractors who remain at a site where students are not permitted if the site is separated from the remainder of the school grounds by a single chain-link fence of 6 feet in height. Section 8 (e).
  • Non-instructional contractors who provide pick-up or delivery services and those services involving *brief visits on school grounds when students are present. Section 8 (e). *Brief is defined by as “lasting or taking a short time; of short duration”.

If you answered no to all of the above exemptions, click here to go to the next step.

If you meet any of the above conditions, you may be exempt and do not need a badge.

Vendor personnel who are required to have security clearance, must do so. Once they have applied for security clearance, followed the fingerprint process, and have been cleared after an evaluation of the state and national FDLE/FBI Level 2 background check, they will receive an ID badge that must be worn at all times while on a school campus.

As of September 1, 2008, the FDLE modified the Florida School Shared Results (FSSR) database. This database now only contains fingerprints retained within the past five (5) years.

If you fingerprinted prior to that date you will need to re-fingerprint. If you were fingerprinted as a school district employee and now wish to serve in a vendor capacity you will be required to re-fingerprint.