Professional Learning Department

Thank you for your interest in the Administrative Selection Process for Orange County Public Schools (POOL).

This process has transitioned to the Professional Learning Department. As an interested or current applicant, the process listed below is still the required process to become a school-based administrator in Orange County Public Schools.

Please read the Administrative Selection Process: Information and Documentation attached to the link below before you start your application for the Orange County Public Schools' Administrative Selection Process.

Administrative Application Process

Application to the OCPS administrative pool is open year-round to both internal and external applicants. Please follow the link below to access the application site.

AP Pool Process

  1. Complete and submit the application with all required documents. 
  2. The next step of the application is Committee review. A panel will read and score your essay answers. Applicants who are currently in an AP or principal role are not required to complete the essay questions. 
  3. The final step of the application process is the In-Basket simulation. This step is face to face assessment held at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center. 

Once the above steps are completed, you will be notified regarding your entrance to the OCPS Assistant Principal Pool. Pool members will receive emails 3 times a year regarding AP Panel interviews. Interviews are held during the fall, summer, and spring. You are required to interview one time a year in order to be eligible for AP vacancies. This interview is not a part of the hiring process for a specific school. 

***If you are a current AP in a different county/state, you will not need to complete the Committee review. 

Principal Pool Process (External- not for current OCPS employees)

  1. Complete and submit the application with all required documents.
  2. You will receive an email regarding submitting your Data Portfolio. 

Once your submitted portfolio is approved, you will be notified regarding your entrance to both the OCPS Principal Pool and Assistant Principal Pool. 

Pool members will receive vacancy announcements for principal vacancies via email regarding open positions at specific schools and may apply to any of interest. If you need to change your email at any time, please email and let the team know so that you may continue to receive announcements.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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Pool Process Team Contacts

General Information:

Telephone: 407.317.3200

Fax: 407.317.3448

Email: [email protected]

Jacquelyn Ubeda
Program Coordinator
Leadership Development
Department of Professional Learning
407-317-3200, ext. 2002588

Dr. Amanda Ellis
Leadership Development
Department of Professional Learning
407-317-3200, ext. 2002528

Frequently Asked Questions

Equal Opportunity Disclaimer

OCPS EEO Non-Discrimination Statement

The School Board of Orange County, Florida, does not discriminate in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs and activities, on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other reason prohibited by law. The following individuals at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center, 445 West Amelia Street, Orlando, Florida 32801, attend to compliance matters: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer & Title IX Coordinator: Keshara Cowans; ADA Coordinator: Jay Cardinali; Section 504 Coordinator: Tajuana Lee-Wenze. (407.317.3200)