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Adult Basic Education

Program of Study

Adult Basic Education (ABE) activities may include some or all of the following:
• Instruction in the basic skills of reading, language, and mathematics
• Instruction in preparation for the GED® test
• Workforce Preparation Skills
Multiple levels of instruction are provided in mathematics, reading and language. It is understood that each student learns at his or her individual pace and there will be some students who successfully complete the program or attain their educational goals in fewer or more hours than what is recommended. Placement in a math and/or reading course is based on the results of the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS). (The Council on Occupational Education (COE) does not accredit avocational programs such as ESOL, ABE, GED Preparation, and other Adult Education programs. In addition, avocational programs do not qualify for Title IV financial aid assistance.)

Adult Basic Education - Mathematics Courses
Course Mathematics Courses Hours Scale
9900001 Mathematics – ABE Level 1 450 0–193
9900001 Mathematics – ABE Level 2 450 194–203
9900001 Mathematics – ABE Level 3 300 204–214
9900001 Mathematics – ABE Level 4 300 215–225

Adult Basic Education - Reading Courses
Course Reading Courses Hours Scale
9900002 Reading – ABE Level 1 450 0–203
9900002 Reading – ABE Level 2 450 204–216
9900002 Reading – ABE Level 3 300 217–227
9900002 Reading – ABE Level 4 300 228–238

Education Function Levels (EFLs)

The Adult Basic Education program is designed to provide adults with sufficient basic education to enable them to benefit from job training and retraining programs, and to obtain and retain productive employment. A student must demonstrate proficiency in 100% of the basic academic standards to progress to the next educational functioning level (EFL). An EFL is the attainment of academic or workforce readiness skills that qualify the participant for further basic education, vocational education or employment.


Progression through EFL levels is measured by approved standardized tests or documentation of mastery of basic competencies. Completion of targeted LCPs allows students to progress to the next academic level. Completion measures include:

  • Completing an educational level,
  • Passing the GED® test,
  • Transitioning to postsecondary education, and
  • Obtaining employment or job advancement 

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