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Frequently Asked Questions

2018-2019 School Year FAQs

Find the answers to Financial Aid questions regarding Pell Grants, Veteran's benefits, scholarships and much more.

You must complete the necessary forms in the Financial Aid Office. Once enrolled in an approved program by the State Approving Agency then the VA Certifying Official will process your certification after the Drop/Add period and/or within 30 days of enrollment per VA policy. It takes a minimum of four to eight weeks to activate your VA benefits.

Federal Pell Grant, Florida Student Assistance Grant, Florida Work Experience Program, Florida Bright Future scholarships, Student Financial Assistance Fund (SFAF), school and community scholarships and Installment Plans.

It is recommended that your financial aid file be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the anticipated enrollment date.

You will need to complete the 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form using your 2016 Tax Transcript and W2's and/or 2016 untaxed income (unemployment, child support, etc.). Visit the Financial Aid Office at one of the Orange Technical College Campuses to pick up a 2018-2019 FAFSA worksheet then complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA form online at Appropriate signature(s) are required for processing the FAFSA by having a FSA ID to electronically sign your FAFSA.

Yes, if you have children for whom you provide 50% or more support, are married, are a ward of the court, have been in the military and meet other criteria, then you can use your own income and your spouse's income, if married.

Whether or not you live with your parents, if you are under 24 years old and do not meet other eligible requirements, your parents must complete the parent's income information on the FAFSA form with their 2016 Tax Transcript and W2's and/or 2016 untaxed income (unemployment, child support, etc.). You and your parent's signatures are required for processing the FAFSA form (have a FSA ID).

Mid Florida Campus (016875) Westside Campus (015036) Orlando Campus (014719) Winter Park Campus (016837)

Normally a week by Internet (online) if appropriate signatures are submitted.

The Federal Government has selected you for verification. You must submit your 2016 IRS Tax Transcript and W-2's and/or 2016 untaxed income (unemployment, child support, etc.), parents and/or spouse if applicable and complete a verification document provided in the Financial Aid Office (appropriate signatures are required). Other documentation may be required to complete your financial aid file. NOTE: The school has the authority to select a student for verification as well.

We recommend you can go online to correct your errors or if you need assistance you can bring your SAR into the Financial Aid Office at one of the Orange Technical College Campuses for review and we can make the corrections for you, if selected for verification. Appropriate documentation and signatures are required.

Tuition, supply fees, insurance fee, books/materials (first seven days of the program), industry certification/licensure exams ONLY. If you need assistance with uniforms and other aids you may seek help through CareerSource Central Florida or Vocational Rehabilitation if you qualify or ask the Financial Aid staff at the Tech Center for more information. Online/hybrid programs are not eligible for Pell funding. Only classroom instructional clock hours will be eligible for Pell funding.

No! You must resolve your debt before receiving additional Pell funds.

Due to the FERPA Privacy Act, only general information can be given over the phone to the student. However, you may come to the Financial Aid Office at one of the Orange Technical College Campuses to get information about your financial aid award.

Specific satisfactory academic and attendance progress requirements have been established in accordance with federal and state guidelines. Students must maintain satisfactory academic and attendance progress requirements to retain financial aid eligibility. Please see the Financial Aid Office for more details.

Yes! See the Financial Aid Office immediately before withdrawing from class to see if you are in any jeopardy of having any outstanding fees. Since a Return of Title IV Funds must be calculated any outstanding fees are your responsibility.

Orange Technical College Campuses are clock hour schools. After you start the program your financial aid award will be applied to your institutional charges based on your attendance. (If your financial aid award does not cover all your institutional charges then the remaining balance will be your responsibility). Any remaining money after institutional charges are paid will be available in the form of a check to the student to be picked up in the Business Office.

Yes! You must reapply for financial aid each award year (July 1 – June 30).

You may request a Professional Judgment (provided your earnings are less from the previous year or you have "unusual" monetary expenses that you have paid) from the Financial Aid Office. The CTE Senior Manager will review this request and if approved, your SAR will be resubmitted to the Federal Government for reconsideration.

If you do not qualify for the Federal Pell Grant, you may qualify for the Florida Student Assistant Grant, Florida Work Experience Program (two state grants) and Student Financial Assistant Fund (SFAF) scholarship using the current household income. See the Financial Aid Office.

Household income is the current income for the student by using their last three month pay stubs. If the student does not have income and lives with one or both parents, the parental current income is used.

You may apply for the Installment Plan. Must demonstrate need (complete a FAFSA form).

The Student Financial Assistance Fund is scholarship funds that assist students with some educational costs. Must demonstrate need (complete a FAFSA form).

If you have been awarded a scholarship from a business or community agency, you will need to bring the scholarship letter to the Financial Aid Office for submission to the Business Office.

Assists a student in immediate need. An emergency is a sudden, urgent, unusual unexpected occurrence, requiring immediate action of relief. These funds are donated from individuals or fundraisers and are generally very limited in nature.

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